Preparing your house for sale

Are you going through some tough times selling your home? We see many interesting things when we undertake a local furniture removal or an interstate furniture removal for our clients, and we see both good and bad preparation for selling their home.

In many instances they will go to a lot of trouble to save a small amount of money with their furniture removal, however they could often gain many thousands of dollars with very little effort or expense, if they just just did a few simple things.

There are many professionals out there ready to help you with your move, so you should never rule out the assistance they can provide.

But regardless of your decision, the goal of this article is to provide you with the right knowledge to help you in your current situation.

Preparing and inspections

What should you do before you put your house out on the market? Prep it to make it as sellable as possible. Prior to advertising its sale, conduct a home inspection. Most of the time, it’s best to get a professional to do this.

The home inspection process will uncover any problems and provide findings on areas, which either need fixing, or improvement in order to satisfy a potential buyer’s personal home inspection. Doing all this ahead of time will allow you to price your property for more money.

A home inspector’s job is to discover any potential dilemmas, which will thwart the sale of your property. They’ll go over every nook and cranny in every room as well as the exterior of the house. Most of the time, many of the problems found are fixable. Doing the inspection before the house is listed as "for sale" will give you the time you need to fix your problems.


Be certain that all outdoor plant life is neatly trimmed and pruned. Clean your roof and clear your gutters. Curb appeal is essential because the buyer is first introduced to the outside of your home. These first impressions can make or break your sale.


Be certain that the gutters and downspouts are cleaned. Also be sure that they are in proper working order. Clean out any moss or mildew that has attached itself to your brick exteriors.

Exterior door jambs

Use a screwdriver to see whether or not an exterior door jambs experienced water damage. If you discover soft word, have it removed, replaced, and then painted.


The condition of your roof is something taken heavily into consideration when assessing the value of your property. If your roof is worn out, has either missing or curled shingles, and is more than twenty-five years old, you should definitely considering the option of replacing it.

Heating, Plumbing and Electrical

Heating and cooling

Your furnace and air conditioner both have to be in working order. Be sure that the natural gas lines don’t have leaks.

Water heater

The water heater will be looked over to see whether or not it properly ventilates carbon monoxide, if it has gas leaks (if it heats water by gas), or if it has either water leaks or water stains.


Your electrical fuse box will be looked over so that the home inspector can ascertain it is the correct size and is working in accordance to your local code. They will also look at the electrical feed to your meter located on the outside of your home for conditions signaling aging. Bear in mind the local building codes requiring GFIs (Ground Fault Interrupters). Those are special AC outlets, which are built with breakers. In newly built houses, they are needed in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and any place where water will be present.


Faucets that drip, drain traps which leak, a slow drain, a malfunctioning toilet, are all things investigated by the home inspector. Watch out for a calcium buildup on valves and drains, which are shut off. Calcium buildup usually means there is either an active leak or there was a leak at that spot before. These parts should either be fixed or replaced.

The Basement and Garage

In the basement or garage, be especially wary of water damage and mold.

The home inspection price is anywhere from $300 to $400. They require anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to complete. Contact your real estate agent so that they can give you a recommendation for a credible, licensed, home inspector.

These are the basic things you’ll need to take note of when putting up your house for sale. Selling your sale could be a hassle and it definitely takes a lot of time and energy. But do it right, and you’ll only have to make the sale once.

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