Office relocation tips

A furniture removal is often a complicated and messy job for any office. When situated in a busy business sector of downtown, there are a lot of professional furniture removalists dedicated to providing services specifically wanting clientele based in that area. Plan the move ahead of time as much as possible.

Remember to have a Request for Quotation or a Request for Proposal ready for any movers that you are considering for hire. Many local furniture removal and interstate removal companies are very quick and willing to provide you this information. Of course, you’ll have to meet them in person to judge if they’ll be able to handle the job.

The following list contains tips on how you can make your office furniture removal a much easier process, whether it is for a local furniture removal or an interstate furniture removal.

Tip No. 1

Figure out how many employees you’ll need for the new location. This will help determine what furniture you really need to take with you. If you’ll be cutting down or increasing your workforce, your furniture needs will need to be taken into consideration.

Tip No. 2

Review the professional movers you hire thoroughly to make sure they are a reputable and credible service which will be able to get you want you need. Ask friends or associates for reviews and feedback. This can make or break your move.

Tip No. 3

Go to the local municipal office of your new location to make sure you follow any codes or laws they have installed concerning moving. Should you need a permit, find out the price of it.

Tip No. 4

Use boxes that are 2.0 cubic feet in volume because this is most amount of weight an average person can carry without causing injury.

Tip No. 5

Contact the manufacturer of your Photocopy Company or Printer Company to figure out how you’ll move these machines. Remember to remove any allied components such as toners and chemicals when you move the actual machine.

Tip No. 6

Check with the mover if he has a plan on how to protect the floor or carpet of both your current site and your new destination.

Tip No. 7

Ask the professional movers if it’s possible to move filing cabinets or drawer without messing up the internal contents.

Tip No. 8

Figure out how many office keys are necessary when you order the ones for the new location.

Tip No. 9

Delicate machinery such as computers, scanners, and printers can be wrapped in bubble packaging for extra protection.

Tip No. 10

Mark all packages so that you know what box contains what (i.e. stationary). Put labels everywhere. And don’t forget to write "FRAGILE" or "This Side Up" on whatever boxes need it.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a better and easier moving experience. Moving can be frustrating, but if you do your homework and stick to your plan and schedule, your chances of a successful move will be greatly enhanced. Enjoy these tips and happy moving!

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