Moving your piano

Whether you are undertaking a local furniture removal, or an interstate furniture removal or interstate backload, the process can undoubtedly be a difficult one; packing up everything you own and unpacking it again in a different location is not only long and arduous, but it can also be both mentally and physically draining.

When you have a piano to move, however, the stress level shoots up a little bit higher; after all, such instruments are extremely difficult to move in the first place, but finding someone who knows how to deal with them to help with your furniture removal also becomes a bit of a problem.

What follows is a bit of advice on how to find your ideal movers. After all, they are out there; you just have to track them down!

Investigate the Furniture Removalist

Before you even begin your preliminary investigations, it is important to discover whether or not the furniture removal company or interstate backload company specializes in handling luxury instruments such as pianos.

Some homeowners even decide to hire a company that specifically moves only pianos to transport their treasured possession, but if this is not in your budget, make sure to find a local or interstate removal company that has a good amount of experience transporting pianos. After all, you do not want to leave the fate of your instrument in the hands of inexperienced movers. You should also check the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that their past clients were satisfied with the service.

Ensure Only Experienced Piano Movers Will Move Your Piano

After you have selected your preferred removalist, check to see that the employees assigned to the job are particularly experienced, as well. If they have been moving pianos together for a while, you should have nothing to worry about. If they’re not too experienced, you may consider asking for more experienced moving employees to help on this job. The sake of your piano rests on these removalists, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Also, do not be afraid to ask to see the vehicle in which your piano will be transported. Any truck carrying a piano for either a local furniture removal or for an interstate backload process, should be climate-controlled and contain the necessary supports and suspensions to protect the instrument during transit. You may even ask for someone to accompany the piano during the move to help prevent any unwanted accidents.

Get Insurance

Even with the best of intentions, however, these accidents sometimes occur. Make sure that the company you hire has up to date licenses and that your instrument is properly insured to prevent the brunt of the monetary damage that could occur if the piano were to be harmed during transport. The removalist company should have transit insurance to cover this.

While specialty piano movers may be more expensive than general furniture removalist companies that help with local moves and interstate back loading, it goes without saying that they will be much more experienced—and therefore, less likely to harm your piano—than their more common counterparts.

You should seriously consider your options before entrusting your instrument to any one company; shopping around never hurts, especially when something so precious is involved. And as common courtesy, always try to give a good tip or at least refreshments to the removalists so that they keep up the good work.

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