Moving house with a baby

Organizing any local furniture removal, interstate furniture removal, or interstate backload removal is very stressful, and with small children it can sometimes be seemingly impossible.

About one-fifth of all those who move every year have a baby or small children. Change can be scary for small children, so check out these tips to make the moving process smoother for you and your children.

Don’t Change Your Baby’s Routines

Try not to change their routines too much. Infants are the least affected as long as almost everything is normal. Toddlers don’t fully understand the difference between a month and a minute, so just let them know that the family is moving soon and reassure them that they’re going to be moving with you guys too. For interstate removal and long drives, be sure you have something to keep your kids busy with.

What to Pack for Your Baby

Packing for the road is essential. Here’s a list of things you’ll most likely need:

  • Safe car seats
  • Dry formula that can be easily prepared and doesn’t need refrigeration unless you plan on bringing a cooler along
  • Disposable diapers
  • Water bottles to keep you and your kids hydrated. Change in water supply can cause some children to have an upset stomach.
  • Blankets, especially if your kids usually have them.
  • Nipples and pacifiers to soothe your babies
  • Baby food, juice, and a can opener
  • Favorite toys
  • Baby wipes, baby powder, moisturizing lotion, and cotton balls
  • Be sure to carry an updated first-aid kid that holds a thermometer, baby pain reliever, and a water bottle with hot water just in case.
  • Pre-moistened towels, which will come in handy for kids of any age.
  • A collapsible stroller for easy transportation when you get there.

If you’re hiring professional packagers and a moving company, you’ll be able to devote a lot more time to your baby. Just be sure to take care of things like furniture removal beforehand to lessen potential hassles when moving day comes. You might want to hire a babysitter for the day, so you can focus on the move, but if you can’t find one, designate one parent to be in charge of the kids and one in charge of the move.

You Might Want to Consider Backloading if Going Interstate

The further the move the harder it is with young children. So consider all your options to help relieve the stress.

Before you drop thousands of dollars for an interstate furniture removalist to move your things to your new house, consider back loading. Truck drivers going to different places often aren’t carrying anything in their trucks after their drop-off point and are willing to move your things for a cheaper price, to help them cover their costs.

The size of the backload they’ll be willing to transport will be determined by how much they have in their car. They can usually only travel on certain dates, so if you have a flexible time schedule, back loading is the way to go, especially interstate backloading since that will be much cheaper than getting a removalist to do the work.

Toddlers may become jittery in a busy moving atmosphere, so try and keep them away from the furniture movers. Bring them to a room that the movers won’t be going into or have already cleared out, and take them to the car when the move is complete.

However the best arrangement is to simply try to organize for any young children to take a "mini holiday’ with friends or family until the entire process is complete.

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