Interstate furniture removal: defining a few steps

Moving is not something people normally look forward to. You have to leave people and places you have come to love, and now you have to start all over in a place where you might not know anyone. Making all of this worse is the fact you also have to worry about packing, loading and unloading, all the grunt work and costs that come with an interstate furniture removal. Thankfully, there are some things you can do ahead of time and others you do during a backload that will make the process go smoother!

Before you even begin packing to move, find a doctor, a plumber, a dentist in the area you‘ll be moving to. Check to make sure all of your friends and family have your new address. Check your bank, credit cards, magazines, and health care too. You don’t want anything you regularly pay for to become past due. And don’t forget to request the post office to forward any mail from the companies and friends you forgot to contact.

A couple weeks before the move, be sure to change your utilities over to your new address, or at the very least you should let them know when everything does need to change over. Their systems will need time to process the change, and you won’t want to be paying double.

Of course, something like an interstate backload is not something anyone can do by themselves. This means that you have to find either a group of very loyal (and strong) friends or a company that is specialized and experienced in properly moving heavy and fragile items in a furniture removal.

Take the time to call around for the best prices and get recommendations and reviews of any company that you plan on hiring for your move. If your move is across country, call different airlines to understand what you’re getting for your money.

After all the arrangements have been made, you are ready to start packing. Make sure that you have enough newspaper or bubble wrap for fragile pieces. Be sure you place everything that is valuable or important such as jewelry and medications, in a separate bag to keep with you at all times during the move. This will reassure you that your favorite diamond broach has not been taken by someone you hired or a friend you trusted.

Even with important items in your own possession, be sure to keep a careful eye the people you hired to handle your furniture removal. They can’t exactly which piece of furniture is an heirloom or which painting is your favorite.

A good rule is to always be patient. Remember that no one and no company can be perfect, and your pieces may break. If this happens, you losing your temper will only make things more difficult for everyone involved. Take a deep breath, move on, and continue organizing and backloading. When the move is all over, you’ll be happy to just have a room with everything you own.

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