Furniture removal - steps you can take

Moving is a big hassle, especially if you have to move a lot of belongings. Moving heavy furniture, keeping track of movers, packing, and unpacking can be very stressful. The stress during interstate removal can be limited with careful planning beforehand. The following are steps to follow when going through the process of furniture removal.

Before the furniture removalist you hired comes to your house, disconnect all cords from all electronic devices like the TV, DVD player, stereo, etc. Tape the cords to the sides of the corresponding electrical device to avoid tripping over them. A good idea is to color coordinate the boxes that you use in your move, so your movers will know which things go together.

Disconnect your washing machine and drain the water from the hoses. Pull the plug on your refrigerator far in advance of the move so it has time to defrost. Wipe down the inside of the fridge to make sure that it’s dry. Take apart large and bulky items like beds, shelves, and desks. When you take them apart, make you keep all screws, bolts, and washers together. Bundle long handled tools like rakes, shovels, brooms, and mops in groups of four.

You have to empty your gas storage containers because flammable materials cannot be carried by a removalist. Place as many items as possible into boxes and cartons that have been clearly labeled. It is a bad idea to use bags because they can be difficult to carry and may rip when carried.

Communicate to the removalists of any special care needed for special pieces like pianos or antiques. Try to remember staying calm on moving day, to avoid being careless or easily annoyed. Double check your state’s guidelines on interstate furniture removal, so there won’t be a problem on moving day.

Pack everything long beforehand, most people underestimate how much time they need to pack. Be sure to avoid accidents by sealing both the bottom and the top of boxes with duct tape. Be sure to have a couple of extra boxes on hand for last minute packing, and be sure to have either a bag or box for things you will need on arriving at your new house, such as towels and other hygiene products ...

If you find that a furniture removalist is too expensive, you might consider backloading. Truck drivers that must to get to a certain destination whether or not anything is in their truck often make money on the side by offering a lower price for delivering packages.

The amount of backload is determined by the space available in the truck, and interstate backload can be much cheaper than interstate furniture removal. However, there is an issue of flexibility. Often truckers can only transport your things at certain times, but if that isn’t an issue for you, backloading is probably your best bet.

To conclude, do not leave your packing till the last minute. Start researching moving companies at least five weeks before the move, and make sure to get references.

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