Computer removal

Protecting computers, printers, peripherals and valuable type files is easy during a move.

Backup, backup, backup

  • Backup all important programs and files on individual disks, and store them with program originals in secure containers. Remove tapes, CD ROMs, floppy diskettes and other items, and with an older computer, park the disk head prior to shut down.

Shut Down/Disconnect

  • Shut down the computer.
  • Turn off the computer.
  • Turn off the surge bar.
  • Unplug each power cable carefully.
  • Remove all peripheral device cables carefully.
  • Gently wrap each cable with masking tape and label each one for easy identification.
  • Avoid crushing, pulling or crimping the cables.
  • Move the computer monitor slowly for packing as it is awkward and heavy to move.
  • Park the printer heads, turn off the printer, remove all ink or laser ribbons or cartridges. Unplug each cable, wrapping and labelling each one as described above.

Packing Your Computer

  • Pack all peripherals, printers, monitors and computers as follows to avoid any damage to them when moving:
  • Use original boxes that came with devices to remove all peripheral and computer devices as these will protect them from shock and jarring. Use the original Styrofoam packing they came with to hold them in place securely.


  • Desktop units or computer towers must be packed in an upright or side position so that the motherboard is lying on the bottom and flat. To find out which side it is on, place the unit on a non-static type surface, unscrew the unit’s side panels and slide of lift the panels off, but touching nothing inside, and look for a flat board – the motherboard. Label the panel that opens with masking tape and a note as to which direction the motherboard is facing. Replace the panel and secure the screws. Remember that shipping or carrying the unit upside down or in the wrong position can make any cards inside to become loose. This may make the computer inoperable and require timely and costly servicing. Pack the unit or CPU in its original box or a box of appropriate strength and size. Either wrap it in bubble wrap or firmly surround it with Styrofoam style popcorn. Seal the box securely with packing tape.


  • Safeguard the glass monitor screen to avoid scratching or cracking. Pack it in either the original box or a box of appropriate size that is strong. Either wrap the monitor in bubble wrap or pack in firmly with Styrofoam style popcorn. Secure the box with packing tape.

Printers/Other Peripherals

  • Preferably use the original box and packing that printers/other peripherals came in, but otherwise use boxes of appropriate size and strength. Pack them into their original hard formed Styrofoam or cardboard packing, wrap in bubble wrap or firmly surround with Styrofoam popcorn. Seal each box securely with packing tape.

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