Professional packing and unpacking

Magic Movers have only the most experienced highly trained packers for either your domestic move, or your office move, to ensure that both packing and loading takes place correctly.

Magic Movers will also ensure that your home or your office is protected during the moving process, and special care will be taken to protect doors, carpets, floors, railings, walls and corners and all other vulnerable areas.

Our cartons are the best in the industry allowing consistent sizing and strength to allow for the safest and quickest of loadings, and the safest of transit. We provide wrapping protection for all your removal, storage and packing needs.

We can either charge by time or by the box.

By the box

We charge as follows:

$11.50 per book carton including all materials
$16.50 per tea chest including all materials

By time

Our minimum time charge is 4 hours for 2 people at $395 plus the cost of materials.

Time can be extended at $80 per hour for 2 people.

All prices include GST.

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