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Friday, 1 August 2008

Furniture Removals On a Limited Budget

Tips on How to Move Cheap

If you’re moving, you’re probably about to go through a local or interstate furniture removal process. Of course there are always options when it comes to moving, and back loading is one of them. But whether you are trying to seek help with financing, packing, or just moving in general, the following article may be able to relieve any type of stress you may be experiencing.

Moving is always a challenge. There are so many financial mishaps we have to watch out for in the process of moving. But, moving while simultaneously watching your budget doesn’t mean you have to have a sub-par moving experience. Instead, plan in advance so that you’ll have researched plenty of money-saving options. These tips that follow are intended to help you have a smooth transition to a new home while maintaining a full wallet.

Start Early and Save Money

The phrase "time is money" is very true. The earlier you start planning, the more you’ll save. Map out how much money you’ll be willing to spend for your budget and try your best to stick to it. If you have to move by plane, then reserve your flight and hotel rooms as soon as possible because that’s when you’ll get the cheapest bargains. If you plan to move by car, map out a route that will accommodate your budget considering expenditures such as gas, tolls, food, and hotel stays.

Very often, people forget to consider the following moving expenses: home repairs, rental costs, pet care, storage costs, and monetary tips for professional movers. Record all expenditures you make for the sake of your moving process so that you will have an accurate tabulation at the end. Don’t forget to save all receipts. A good chunk of moving costs are tax deductible, so maintain your files and then hand it over to your accountant who will be able to distinguish which is and which is not tax deductible.

To Hire or Not to Hire

One of the first decisions is whether to opt for professional movers, obtaining a moving truck rental, or to seek a self-service moving company. If you don’t want to operate a truck, consider the self-service moving companies because they are much more budget-friendly than professional movers. No matter what option you go by, always keep track of how many charges the moving will cost you so you can obtain as accurate of tabulation as possible. Stay cautious when given extremely cheap estimates and always review references before making an actual hire (for movers).

On to Packing

The next step is to gather all your possessions as soon as you can. Unless an item deserves special attention from professionals (i.e. a baby grand piano), do the packing yourself. Always be on the lookout for supplies you’ll need such as boxes, newspaper, tape, trash bags, and scissors. People list these items for cheap in local newsletter ads or your neighbors might have some available as well. Wrap all your delicates (i.e. ceramic dishes) in your blankets and towels rather than paying for bubble wrap.

If you don’t feel like you want certain items anymore, have a garage sale. As long as you plan things in advance and use free advertising venues, you should be able to sell off a lot of things. It also saves you and your movers the effort. If you do not feel like having a garage sale, consider packing up the unwanted goods as a donation to a local charity.

Finally, involve your friends and family in the moving process. The more hands, the better because you won’t need to hire nearly as many movers and you will very likely have people willing to act as babysitters or pet sitters. Reward your helpers with plenty of fueling snack items throughout the moving day and plan a good, home-cooked meal at the end of the process as a thank you present.

Being resourceful with your money involves good planning and some creativity. Please utilize these tips to make your moving experience a pleasant one. This will map out your start at your new home to be a positive beginning.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Magic Movers "Moving Quote"

Benjamin Franklin
Well done is better than well said.
Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, 24 July 2008

You Can Always Do a Furniture Removal Yourself !!!

You Can Always Do a Furniture Removal Yourself
Best pump up them there tyres though!!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Furniture Removals - This is a Self Move!!!

Furniture Removals - This is a Self Move
Of course it’s not us . . we have not opened our Asian branch yet.
But we would use a bigger bike!!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Checklist For Hiring An Office Relocation Company

Checklist For Hiring

If you have a business that is growing rapidly, you may realise that you can’t fit in to your primary offices anymore. You can’t find any further room for expansion. Sure, this is excellent for your business, but it can also produce its own share of challenges.

Office relocation is very taxing, both in terms of time and energy. Not to mention the stress that comes along with it. However, you need not fret! There are some things that you should be aware of before taking the plunge! A bit of planning will go a long way to ensure a smooth relocation.

For beginners, with all of the business that you are managing, it can be daunting to even organize an office relocation because of the effort that needs to go into it. Many corporations simply don’t have the time or resources to manage a corporate relocation. Due to this, you would surely benefit from using the services of a business relocation company.

There are many individuals who specialize in helping corporations relocate. They have proper insight with the relocation process and know everything that you may overlook or avoid. They will be able to manage nearly all facets of the planning and implementation of your move, which will undoubtedly assist you in handling the situation more professionally.

Another important ground why you should take the help of relocation companies is because of the legal implications of your relocation. If you are relocating your headquarters only a town away, you probably won’t face many rules and regulations.

But if you are contemplating on shifting your business out of the country, there are myriad laws, rules, and regulations that you will have to comply with in order to be sure that everything runs flawlessly.

Not all of these laws are obvious, so it is a clever idea to employ a business relocation company as they will already be quite proficient with these issues.

If you are thinking of relocating your business, you should search for an experienced office relocation company. This might be a difficult job. But there is a way out. The easiest way to finalize your relocation company is by talking to executives from other organizations.

If they have ever moved, they will be able to recommend which companies to go with. You might also consider comparing two of these companies and see which one offers the best price and service. If you get a good relocation company, your relocation process will become a whole lot simpler!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Magic Movers "Moving Quote"

Wayne Dyer
Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.
Wayne Dyer

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Charities That Really Make a Difference - Get Involved

The Cancer Council Australia

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Starlight Children's Foundation Australia

Friday, 18 July 2008

Moving Day In the Mercedes Benz

Moving Day In the Mercedes Benz

Noooooooo . . . we don’t use these guys for residential furniture removals. Looks like they’re heavily booked though!!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Relocation Tips

Relocation Tips

Relocation Tips

Relocating is a major decision, especially when an entire family moves from one city to another. It has an impact on the financial status, daily routine of an individual and his or her contacts with friends and family. The cost of living is higher in many cities, giving rise to the need for a bigger pay packet. A thorough study of the job market is essential. Though employment opportunities may be plentiful, due consideration must be given to finding a job appropriate to ones qualifications.

Whether relocating to a nearby city or far across continents, the service of a relocation specialist is desirable. They have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of relocation and can make moving a pleasant experience. Relocation specialists provide valuable information related to the destination and relieve the stress of moving to a new environment. They also provide assistance on mortgage and destination assessments. The Web is the best place to find and compare relocation specialists.

Moving can be a trying time for many children. Often, family and friends are left behind. Children should be made to feel included in the relocation process and be made fully aware of where they are going. By being part of the relocation process, a child feels more involved and informed, reducing their levels of tension and fear. It is essential to ease their transition into a new home. Giving priority to their rooms, letting them join community organizations and escorting them to school in the initial stages of relocation, gives them a feeling of security.

On arrival in a new city, it is best to make use of the telephone directory and the Yellow Pages to locate local retailers, grocery stores, government agencies, and service providers. The local motor vehicle office must be approached for vehicle registration and a driver’s license. Prior to reporting for a new job, it is important to unpack, relax and get acquainted with neighbours. Often, when people relocate, they have a need for interim housing. Realtors assist people find suitable interim or permanent homes.

Strategic planning and research on the city of one’s choice can ward off problems and minimize potential headaches involved with relocation. If planned well, moving can be an exciting and memorable experience.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Moving The Car

Moving The Car

No . . we don’t move cars but we arrange it with a specialist team.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Piano Removals Specialist Team

Piano Removals Specialist Team

We have a team of specialists for piano removals!!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Happy Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day

14th July - The History of Bastille Day

The French national holiday commemorates the storming of the Bastille, which took place on 14 July 1789 and marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

Several factors led to the Revolution. France had the largest population in Europe and not nearly enough food to feed it. The wealthy and growing bourgeoisie (the middle-class, merchants and businessmen) were allowed no political input or power. The poor were in a bad situation and it was getting worse. The country was nearing bankruptcy. By the late 1780s the people of France were fed up and began speaking out. Assemblies were held and demands of a constitution were made. When King Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette, tried to quiet the unrest, but the people rebelled.

The Bastille was a prison and a symbol of the absolute and arbitrary power of Louis the 16th’s Ancient Regime. On July 14, 1789 the masses banded together and stormed the Bastille prison, a symbol of the corrupt political system. This began the Revolution and by capturing this symbol, the people signaled that the king’s power was no longer absolute. Although the Bastille only held seven prisoners at the time of its capture, the storming of the prison was a symbol of liberty and the fight against oppression for all French citizens; like the Tricolore flag, it symbolized the Republic’s three ideals: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity for all French citizens. The following year on July 14th delegates from all regions of the France gathered in Paris to celebrate the Fête de la Federation and proclaim their allegiance to one national community.This made France a paragon for the rest of Europe and established them as a nation of liberty - the first time in history that a people had claimed their right to self-determination. Thus the storming of the Bastille marked the end of absolute monarchy, the birth of the sovereign Nation, and, eventually, the creation of the (First) Republic, in 1792.

Bastille Day was declared the French national holiday on 6 July 1880, on Benjamin Raspail’s recommendation, when the new Republic was firmly entrenched. Bastille Day has such a strong significance for the French because the holiday symbolizes the birth of the Republic. As in the US, where the signing of the Declaration of Independence signaled the start of the American Revolution, in France the storming of the Bastille began the Great Revolution. In both countries, the national holiday symbolizes the beginning of a new form of government.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Magic Movers "Moving Quote"

Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision

Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right.

Peter F. Drucker

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Pets Abandoned as Rental Crisis Bites

Pets Abandoned

On 1st May reported that there is an increase in "Pets being abandoned as rental crisis bites".

By Emily MacdonaldMEET the newest victims of our rental crisis. The RSPCA has been inundated with animals as owners are forced to abandon their pets due to an unforgiving rental market.

"We get a cat or dog brought in almost every day because its owners have moved to a place that doesn’t allow pets,’’ said Townsville RSPCA shelter manager Gail Lane.

"Most of the people we get in that situation are quite distressed because they’ve tried really hard to find somewhere that will let them take the cat or the dog.

"At the moment rental properties are quite hard to come by so sometimes it comes down to the fine line of either the family get a roof over their head or they get to keep their pet and unfortunately some people have to make hard decisions.’’

However there may be a solution.

Ms Lane said the RSPCA was in the process of rolling out a new scheme which would allow the RSPCA to `vouch’ for pets to property owners and real estate agents.

"The RSPCA is looking at trying to contact rental agencies and property owners to see if they would join with us in coming up with a solution,’’ Ms Lane said.

"If a pet comes through our centre, we can confirm it is clean, healthy, microchipped, vaccinated, well adjusted, toilet trained, is not destructive and has passed a behavioural assessment.

Ms Lane said the RSPCA urged property owners not to stereotype pet owners and to assess each potential tenant based on their merits.

"There’s always going to be the people who rent out their home and a dog trashes the property.

"Unfortunately the next person who tries to rent that property and wants to bring their dog gets knocked back because the experience has been bad for the owner of the property.

"When you rent your property you find out if people have a job, if they can afford to pay the rent and whether they have a good credit rating so now let’s find out if they are good pet owners too, and if they are, give them a go.

"I would urge people who own properties and are renting them out to look at each person individually and talk to them about the animal they’ve got and find out about the exercise level the dog has and anything else they’re concerned about.’’

A distraught former pet owner told the Townsville Bulletin about her heartwrenching decision to give up her two cats.

"I adopted two kittens that had been dumped in a garbage bin after I finally moved to a rental property where I could have pets,’’ she said.

"Then suddenly I had to move and it was impossible to find a new place, let alone one that allowed two pets.

"I was absolutely devastated to leave them at the RSPCA and cried for days but I had no other choice.

"It was either find them a new home or I wouldn’t have a home."

Friday, 11 July 2008

Moving House with Your Cat

Moving House with Your Cat

No cats were harmed in the making of this posting!!!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Interstate Furniture Removal Tips - 10 of the Best



Undertaking your interstate furniture removal in Australia is fairly straight forward, though there are ten tips you should consider when undertaking such a move:

  1. Hire a professional. They move furniture interstate for a living and are fully cognisant with all the techniques, pitfalls and other issues involved, making your move as smooth as possible.
  2. Shop around for different quotes from interstate furniture removal companies. This benefits you by allowing you to budget properly, including initial transportation of your furniture and any other necessary expenses.
  3. Get professional help or a packing service to get professionally packed furniture for interstate removals. There are numerous companies across Australia that offers this service. Alternatively, pack your furniture yourself using professional packing tips and the appropriate packing materials.
  4. Always get insurance for your interstate furniture removals, either through the moving company you choose or local Australian insurance companies.
  5. On moving day, listen carefully to the interstate furniture removers as for safety and health tips for moving heavier items. Better still; allow them to move the bigger things to avoid personal injury.
  6. If you are packing the moving truck yourself or container, put the most valuable items at the back, packing all things from bottom to top in order of the heaviest to lightest. Alternatively allow the interstate furniture removals company you hired to load the truck or container to avoid accidents or damage.
  7. Consult with your interstate furniture removals company before moving home for advise on all aspects of moving.
  8. In the event that accidents or a crisis may occur during the interstate furniture removal of your property between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and beyond, discuss procedures and your wishes with the company you choose.
  9. To save money and for more convenience, pick an interstate furniture removals company that offers multiple services at reasonable rates. These additional services may include temporary storage, insurance and other things.
  10. Check the references and reputations of all interstate furniture removals companies in your area of Australia before choosing one to handle our belongings. Price does not always equal quality.

Moving across Australia and undertaking interstate furniture removals does not have to be complicated if you follow these ten tips. Whether moving from Sydney to Brisbane or into the far reaches of the Outback, moving should be as stress free as possible, with few problems as possible.

Although the risks to your belongings are greater the further the move is, hiring a professional and established interstate furniture removals company can take the headaches out any move . . and guarantee your furniture arrives safely, on time and lovingly cared for by people who take your move seriously.

Remember never hesitate to ask your mover for old-fashioned advice - they are the experts!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Melbourne Furniture Removals

Melbourne Furniture Removals

Cheap Furniture Removals in Melbourne done in a reliable and professional manner by an established and respected furniture removalist.

** Residential and office furniture removals in Melbourne.

** Professional pre-packing and unpacking.

** Local furniture removals Melbourne

** Country and interstate furniture removals

** Disassembling and assembling your home or office furniture

That’s Quick Removals is known amongst our peers, and our clients for our speed and professionalism at a great price, so you can be confident that your removals quote from That’s Quick Removals will be accurate and binding. No hidden extras. . No surprises . . . just friendly reliable advice and accurate quotes.

Thats Quick Removals are furniture removalists with a long history of conducting both residential furniture removals and office removals in a safe, reliable and professional manner. That’s Quick Removals strive to provide the most professional service available at a very competitive price. Our furniture removals team can do anything from giving you friendly advice, through to taking full responsibility for you complete local furniture removal, country removal, interstate removal or interstate backload.

Visit our Melbourne furniture removals site at or call or Melbourne manager direct on 0450 462 073.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mortgage Calculator in Australia - Part 2


The Mortgage Calculator in Australia provides a good guide as to how much you can borrower on a loan. If you are in the market for a mortgage you may choose to use the services of a mortgage consultant or a mortgage manager and one of the first tools they will use is a Mortgage Calculator.

There are three different types of Mortgage Calculators in Australia:-

  • Mortgage Calculator to borrower money on residential home loans
  • Mortgage Calculator to borrower money for personal loans
  • Mortgage Calculator to borrower money for commercial/ business loans

The Mortgage Calculator in Australia also provides other benefits:-

  • The Mortgage Calculator in Australia can determine the repayment amount required to repay your loan over a length of time - For example Loan Amount: $150,000, Term of Loan: 30 years, Interest Rate: 8.00%, Monthly Repayment $1089.93 per month
  • The Mortgage Calculator in Australia can determine the repayment on different frequencies. Monthly repayment, fortnightly repayment and weekly repayment
  • The Mortgage Calculator in Australia provides an interest rate benchmark on qualifying the loan at a higher interest rate. The Mortgage Calculator determines that the borrower can repay the loan at the current rate, but can also determine that the borrower can comfortably make repayments on the loan if there are any future interest rate rises.
  • The Mortgage Calculator in Australia can determine how quickly you can pay out your mortgage, by paying extra money into your mortgage, on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis.

In Australia you can find many various Mortgage Calculators on the internet.

Most of the Mortgage Calculators perform the same job, that is: determining what you can borrower on the financial income that you input into to the Mortgage Calculator.

To sum up, Mortgage Calculators in Australia have been provided to work out which loan best suits your needs. A Mortgage Calculator is simple to use and allows you to test different scenarios so you can determine the best way to manage your home loan repayments.

Vicky Edema has been the Managing Director of Austral Mortgage Corporation since 1992, the company provides an easy to use mortgage calculator and offers competitive mortgage rates. Austral’s comprehensive mortgage calculators:

Monday, 7 July 2008

The Mortgage Calculator in Australia - Part 1


Many easy to use mortgage calculators in Australia are available online today and these will answer many of your mortgage related questions, be it how much you can borrow, how much your repayments will be and the effect of additional repayments. In Australia a mortgage calculator may even compare different home loan options available for you.

When using a mortgage calculator to ascertain how much you can borrow it should be used as a guide only. The result will give you a general idea of your borrowing potential and therefore what sort of property you can start hunting for! In conjunction with this you may also wish to use another loan calculator which can work out your approximate monthly repayments due. The calculated results can assist with your personal budgeting and help you decide how much you believe you can afford to borrow given your personal circumstances.

The repayment loan calculator can also help you compare different scenarios such as possible rate increases, the difference between paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments or the effect on repayments given different loan terms. Though the standard loan term in Australia is 25 - 30 years a shorter term can be taken - the mortgage calculator lets you know how much your monthly repayments will increase if you choose to take a shorter loan term.

Another useful tool is the ’Extra Repayments’ calculator. This will show the effect of additional repayments being made over the term of the loan. The mortgage calculator will show you that if you make additional or extra repayments you will can substantially lower the interest paid over the life of the loan and also have your home loan paid off a lot quicker.

Given there are so many loan products available, if you are looking for finance in Australia today, a mortgage calculator can be a very effective tool when weighing up your financial/budgeting options.

Vicky Edema has been the Managing Director of Austral Mortgage Corporation since 1992, the company provides an easy to use mortgage calculator and offers competitive mortgage rates. Visit Austral Mortgage at

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Magic Movers "Moving Quote"

Independence is happiness

Independence is happiness.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Space Removals Next?

Xcor Aerospace

Xcor Aerospace

Xcor Aerospace announced they would carry a pilot and a single passenger to an altitude of 200,000 feet that would for cost about $100,000 a ride. Flight testing is expected to start in 2010. This two seater rocket ship will reach 200,000 feet. The passengers will experience about 90 seconds of weightlessness.

It is not the first do this, the SpaceShipTwo by the Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which has six seats, it will start test-flying this year. If you’re ready for it, ready the money first!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy Birthday America

Independence Day

U.S. Independence Day a Civic and Social Event

Americans celebrate July 4, 1776, adoption of Declaration of Independence

Washington -- The United States celebrates its Independence Day on July 4, a day of patriotic celebration and family events throughout the country. In the words of Founding Father John Adams, the holiday would be "the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance... It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more."

The Fourth of July holiday is a major civic occasion, with roots deep in the Anglo-American tradition of political freedom.


Each year, crowds of visitors flock to the National Mall -- the grassy expanse between the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument -- for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, which always takes place on two weekends overlapping the Fourth of July holiday. The 2008 festival celebrates the culture of Bhutan, the music, food and wine of Texas and the history of NASA and the U.S. space program. (See "Bhutan, Others Come to Washington for Folklife Festival.")

Throughout the United States, Fourth of July fireworks displays are popular, from the spectacular exhibition on the National Mall to more modest fireworks shows in city parks across the land. In New York City, Macy’s department store for 31 years has sponsored what it bills as the nation’s largest July 4 fireworks display. In 2008, the 30-minute show will feature 35,000 shells launched from six barges afloat in the East River and in New York Harbor. Macy’s estimates that more than 3 million will watch in person. The event has been televised nationally in recent years.

"The Fourth" is a family celebration. Picnics and barbeques are common. July is summer in the United States, and millions of Americans escape the heat at beaches and other vacation spots. Independence Day is not among the legal holidays fixed on a Monday or Friday, but many employees use vacation time to create an extended weekend.

Construction of important public works sometimes begins on July 4. The Erie Canal, Washington Monument and Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (the nation’s first) all broke ground on Independence Day. The date reflects a desire symbolically to stamp these projects as true civic improvements.


The Fourth of July is a time when elected officials and other public figures often give speeches extolling American traditions and values.

Independence Day has provided some of this nation’s most stirring words of freedom. In 1788, Founding Father James Wilson addressed a Philadelphia gathering that was possibly the largest July 4 celebration in the young nation’s history. He exhorted his fellow citizens to ratify the proposed Constitution. "A people, free and enlightened," he said, "establishing and ratifying a system of government ... A WHOLE PEOPLE exercising its first and greatest power -- performing an act of SOVEREIGNTY, ORIGINAL and UNLIMITED."

On July 4, 1852, the black journalist and abolitionist Frederick Douglass decried the evils of slavery, still prevalent in the American South at that time, but identified forces "drawing encouragement from the Declaration of Independence, the great principles it contains, and the genius of American Institutions in operation" that "must inevitably work The downfall of slavery."

Ninety years later, near the darkest moments of World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt reminded the nation that for the "weary, hungry, unequipped Army of the American Revolution ... the Fourth of July was a tonic of hope and inspiration. So is it now... The tough, grim men who fight for freedom in this dark hour take heart in its message -- the assurance of the right to liberty under God -- for all peoples and races and groups and nations, everywhere in the world."

On July 4, 2001, President George W. Bush spoke outside Independence Hall, Philadelphia, birthplace of the Declaration of Independence. That document, he said, continues to represent "the standard to which we hold others, and the standard by which we measure ourselves. Our greatest achievements have come when we have lived up to these ideals. Our greatest tragedies have come when we have failed to uphold them."

Across the nation, civic leaders of even the most humble station echo these words, and their audiences give thanks for the freedom and liberties that the founding generation won for all Americans.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

I’d love to See the Family Room!!

Small house

I suppose a king size bed is out of the question!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Professional Long Distance Moving Company - Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire One

Long Distance Moving

Whether you’re moving long or short distance, hiring a professional moving company is a great idea, and here are just ten reasons why we think so...

1. Professional moving companies are just that - Professional! They move people like you every day and they know exactly what they’re doing. This means that your move should go as smoothly as possible.

2. Companies will be able to give you a quote for your move - this means that you can budget in advance as to how much your move will cost, and can figure out how much money you have left for other expenses.

3. Professional moving companies can pack your belongings for you - this is such a great service and really worth considering spending a little more for it. We often don’t appreciate just how long it will take to pack our belongings, but your moving company will send a team of professionals to your home who will have it done in next to no time, or if you prefer to save this additional expense you can choose to pack yourself but use the company’s packing materials.

4. Professional moving companies are insured - this means that all your worldly goods will be protected should something go wrong.

5. Your moving team who arrive on the day of your move are specially trained for this - they have health and safety training and know exactly how they should pick up heavy items without injuring themselves.

6. The team also knows exactly how they need to pack the truck, or container - so as to ensure that your belongings are safely secured and have the minimal chance of moving whilst in transit and being damaged.

7. Professional moving companies are well versed in the art of moving - meaning that they are an invaluable source of information and should be able to give you all sorts of advice and help about the upheaval involved when moving house.

8. Should anything go wrong on your moving day, professionals should know what to do and how to cope in a crisis!

9. Moving companies can offer you great rates on other services too - such as storage, should you need it, and additional insurance cover amongst others.

10. Best of all, professional moving companies are there to do the hard work so you don’t have to, meaning that your moving day can be as stress free and easy-going as possible!

Thanks to: Long Distance Moving Companies

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Canada Day

Canada Day


On June 20, 1868, a proclamation signed by the Governor General, Lord Monck, called upon all Her Majesty’s loving subjects throughout Canada to join in the celebration of the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation under the name of Canada on July 1st.

The July 1 holiday was established by statute in 1879, under the name Dominion Day

There is no record of organized ceremonies after this first anniversary, except for the 50th anniversary of Confederation in 1917, at which time the new Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings, under construction, was dedicated as a memorial to the Fathers of Confederation and to the valour of Canadians fighting in the First World War in Europe.

The next celebration was held in 1927 to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation. It was highlighted by the laying of the cornerstone by the Governor General of the Confederation Building on Wellington Street and the inauguration of the Carillon in the Peace Tower.

Since 1958, the government has arranged for an annual observance of Canada’s national day with the Secretary of State of Canada in charge of the coordination. The format provided for a Trooping the Colours ceremony on the lawn of Parliament Hill in the afternoon, a sunset ceremony in the evening followed by a mass band concert and fireworks display.

Another highlight was Canada’s Centennial in 1967 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II attended the celebrations with Parliament Hill again being the backdrop for a large scale official ceremony.

The format changed in 1968 with the addition of multicultural and professional concerts held on Parliament Hill including a nationally televised show. Up until 1975, the focus of the celebrations, under the name "Festival Canada", was held in the National Capital Region during the whole month of July and involved numerous cultural, artistic and sport activities, as well as municipalities and voluntary organizations. The celebration was cancelled in 1976 but was reactivated in 1977.

A new formula was developed in 1980 whereby the National Committee (the federal government organization charged with planning Canada’s Birthday celebrations) stressed and sponsored the development of local celebrations all across Canada. "Seed money" was distributed to promote popular and amateur activities organized by volunteer groups in hundreds of local communities. The same approach was also followed for the 1981 celebrations with the addition of fireworks displays in 15 major cities across the nation.

On October 27, 1982, July 1st which was known as "Dominion Day" became "Canada Day".

Since 1985, Canada Day Committees are established in each province and territory to plan, organize and coordinate the Canada Day celebrations locally. Grants are provided by the Department to those committees.

Monday, 30 June 2008

Moving Tips To Make Your LIfe Easier

Make Your LIfe Easier

(Not Just the Cats!)

Moving has got to be one of the most stressful times I have ever experienced. Packing, cleaning, trying to remember everything. Moving is definitely not something I enjoyed doing, but the end result was well worth it. Moving into our first home was a proud moment.

One of the most tedious things to do is moving to another place. We must use all our efforts to relocate flawlessly: moving our stuffs, the cars, and arranging everything to the place of our destinations. Yet, it would have been more burdensome if we did not use the help of a moving company. Whether you are moving across the country, or just around the corner, there are some things you could do to make the job less stressful. And let us face it, the less stress and hassle, the happier you will be when you finally get to your destination.It very stressful time, watching people walk around with boxes of your stuff and trampling through your home, dismantling everything that you have collected and crafted over the years. It can be a really sad time, but we are looking at this as a great opportunity and the next big chapter of our lives starting to unfold.

Here are some tips to help you make the move.

1. Make a list

You will be glad you did! Use a spiral notebook to keep track of all the boxes. Assign each box a letter that corresponds with the letter in your notebook. Then list contents in each box. Label each box clearly and precisely. Make your inscriptions clear and use big characters, so that not only you would be able to read what the box contains. The inscription: Red dishes is better than Miscellaneous Kitchen. Believe me this will undoubtedly help you to unpack your belongings when you reach your new house.

2. Have plenty of supplies

You will need lots of boxes, tape, markers, packing material, etc. Get more than you think you will need. This surely helps you to save your time, because you will not need to go and purchase missing supplies. If you run out of something in the middle of packing, you would not be happy, and you will waste time running around trying to buy more supplies. You can always take back, or get rid of, extra supplies after the move.

3. Utilize wardrobe boxes

Moving Services are happy to deliver boxes ahead of moving day. Find out how big the wardrobe boxes are and measure the clothes in your closets (including coat closets) and find out how many boxes you will need. You can also use wardrobe boxes to pack bulky items like comforters, blankets, and pillows. Do not pack them too heavy, though.

4. Colour coordinate

Assign a color for each room of the house and put a sticker beside each box letter so you will know which room of the house the box goes at a glance. This will help you to save your time not only before moving, but after moving also.

5. Pack ahead

Toronto Movers, Miracle Movers, encourages you to do as much as possible before moving day. Even though your moving company may be a full service moving company, you can save yourself a lot of money and time by packing things ahead of time and being organized.

Toronto Movers

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Magic Movers "Moving Quote"

Mohandas Gandhi

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mohandas Gandhi

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Magic Movers Salutes Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Its only Friday afternoon in Seattle USA as we post this and its a big day for one employee over there at this moment!!! And some great charities worldwide stand to gain from it.

Gates Retires from Daily Role at Microsoft

Wendy Kaufman

Friday marks Bill Gates’ last day in his corner office at Microsoft, the company he built into a technology and profit-making powerhouse. While he will remain chairman of the board and will serve as adviser to the company, he now turns the bulk of his attention to his philanthropic foundation, the wealthiest in the world.

Gates, 52, is leaving with the legacy of having created and shaped one of the world’s most influential corporations. While some of Microsoft’s business practices have been sharply criticized, there is no denying that, as head of the company, Gates has done more than anyone else to bring computing to the masses.

Beginning of the Story

Forty years ago, while an eighth-grader at the private Lakeside School in Seattle, Gates was introduced to his first computer. He was immediately smitten, as was fellow student Paul Allen.

The two became fast friends, says Ed Lazowska, who holds the Bill and Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science at the University of Washington.

"They did the scheduling for Lakeside School - there are rumors they and their friends got into the classes of their choice," says Lazowska. "It was just a couple of brilliant guys who got captured by this cool field."

In 1975, Gates and Allen - both college dropouts - started a tiny software firm.

Lazowska produces a copy of a posed portrait taken in 1978 of the 11 original Microsoft employees. The group is young. A few wear tinted glasses with heavy rims, and there is a lot of facial hair. The joke caption frequently seen with this now-famous photo is: "Would you invest with these guys?"

No company has ever minted millionaires or billionaires like Microsoft.

A PC in Every Home

Though the company certainly did not invent the personal computer, Microsoft’s founders had a vision of a PC on every desk and in every home.

"In the mid-1980s, that was still kind of a crazy thing," says former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold in a company video. "It went - in a very short period of time - from insane that everyone would have a computer to, of course, everyone will have a computer."

As far back as the late 1970s, Gates recognized the value of software. In a now famous "Open Letter to Hobbyists," he argued that if computer users wanted to do more things with their computing machines, they would need better software and they would need to pay for it. It was a radical notion at the time.

While still in his 20s, Gates had another bold idea. He envisioned the possibilities if all computers could speak the same language, run the same operating system, and use the same software for writing documents and spreadsheets.

Rob Horowitz is the CEO of Directions on Microsoft, a research firm dedicated to tracking Microsoft. He recalls the days before Gates and Microsoft revolutionized computing.

"It was like a little railroad here, a little railroad there. They had different ... tracks, different kinds of engines. Nothing worked with anything else," Horowitz says. "Vendors, if they wanted to produce something, had to do the whole kit and caboodle. They had to do the application; they had to do the hardware."

’The Evil Empire’

But Microsoft changed that. Its operating system, Windows, became ubiquitous. With computers everywhere, speaking the same language, people could communicate more quickly and efficiently.

While some viewed this monopoly as constructive, others, including antitrust regulators, saw Microsoft as a ruthless competitor, one that maintained its monopoly by illegal means.

In May 1998, the U.S. Justice Department charged Microsoft with engaging in anticompetitive and exclusionary practices designed to maintain its monopoly in personal computer operating systems and to extend that monopoly to Internet browsing software.

"The evidence presented in court today demonstrates that Microsoft used its massive monopoly power to harm competition and to harm consumers," said Joel Klein, head of the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division, outlining the government’s case against the company in 1998.

In the wake of investigations, Microsoft acquired the not-so-flattering nickname of "the Evil Empire."

"They had gotten away with so much on the competitive front, I don’t think they thought they could be brought down by the DOJ," says long-time Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, author of Microsoft 2.0.

The epic battle between Microsoft and antitrust regulators raged for years before settlements were reached. Many critics contend the company got off much too easily.

But that was a long time ago, and Gates and company have moved on.

Pioneering in a New Field

While Gates is retiring from his daily role at Microsoft, he plans to spend about a day a week on company business. He will spend much of the rest of his time at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation focuses on poverty, education and global health. In a recent interview with NPR, Gates spoke about the importance of eradicating diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.

"Once you improve health in a country, it really changes everything," Gates said. "Parents don’t need to have this many children to be sure that someone will support them in their old age. And so population growth goes down. You can feed, you can educate, you can provide jobs."

As Gates moves to a full-time role at the foundation, he embarks on what may be described as his second life. His first life was at Microsoft, bringing computers to the masses. His second life is just beginning: as the world’s leading philanthropist.

Friday, 27 June 2008

How to Deal With Loud Neighbours

Loud Neighbours

Anyone who has ever rented property has probably had to deal with neighbors on some level and the most common complaint amongst residents is dealing with noisy neighbors. We can all relate to having the family of four upstairs whose children seem to run marathons right above you, the drummer down below that only practices after 10 PM, or the habitual snorer who you share a bedroom wall with. Whatever the case, there are a lot of different ways to handle the situation.

Try the Kindness Approach

This is something that my mom always told me, and most times it works. A calm and friendly approach is the way to go especially if you just moved in. If you haven’t addressed the noise, your neighbor probably doesn’t even realize that there is an issue. Talking to them with out getting upset or having a bad attitude can take you a long way.

If your neighbor agrees to work on keeping the noise down, some positive reinforcement might help to keep them consistent with their efforts. Bake them some cookies at the end of the week if you have noticed a decrease in the noise level.

The Feng Sui Fix

If your neighbor shows no signs of letting up with the racket, or that he/she even cares that you are being affected by it, making some simple additions to your decor can help to alleviate your stress. If the downstairs neighbor is a part-time DJ and the constant bass is driving you crazy, you might want to consider laying down a rug or installing carpet if your floors are bare. Since sound waves bounce off flat surfaces, bare floors can cause the sound to resonate around your space. Spaces between the threads in the carpet reduce noise by absorbing sound waves so that they don’t bounce back.

The shaggier the carpet the better it will work at reducing noise.

In the same way that carpet traps sound waves, fabric hung from the walls or the ceiling can drown out the noisy upstairs or next-door neighbors. Decorative tapestries can allow you to express yourself as well as drown out overly active neighbors. This can be a quick and inexpensive fix. Check out your local thrift stores for tapestries and colorful fabric. Curtains will also help if outside noise is a factor to your disturbance.

If the neighbors on either side are being loud and you aren’t exactly excited about hanging tapestries, there is still hope. Your couch can actually absorb some of those sound waves if it is pulled away from the wall a couple of inches. Bookshelves or other storage furniture may be moved against the "problem wall" to reduce the noise. Lining the back of these items in cardboard will further help cut down on the sound.

Confront your Landlord

If you neighbor chooses to ignore your kind pleas for a quieter environment, it may be time to speak to your landlord. In your neighbor’s eyes the landlord might be a little higher on the totem pole; thus he or she might be able to drive the point home. Moreover, your landlord is a neutral party and is looking out for the best interest of all tenants. You may choose to get him or her involved instead of potentially making enemies with your neighbor.

If you happen to have a landlord who doesn’t seem to care much about your dilemma, informing him or her that you intend to withhold rent until the matter is resolved is another option. Just make sure you are prepared for the ramifications of these actions (i.e. being taken to house court, possibly losing the case, and still being stuck with loud neighbors).

Consider Soundproofing

If it becomes apparent that your complaints are falling on deaf ears, and the fabric tactics aren’t enough to kill the noise, you may want to consider taking more extreme measures to soundproof your environment. While egg cartons may not be aesthetically pleasing, they are an economical way to approach soundproofing. Likewise, just like carpet catches sound in the space between carpet threads, the grooves of egg cartons absorb sound waves and prevent them from traveling into your sanctuary. Soundproofing foam also works this way. Finally, you can also try soundproofing drywall, a special type of drywall designed to block sound, which can be added to you existing walls, ceilings, and floors.

Noise is a part of life. While at times it can be bothersome, sealing ourselves in a panic room to get some relaxation is impractical. The best we can do is research ways to achieve a peaceful abode while maintaining a friendly relationship with our neighbors.

Adam Rosen is a freelance writer and musician living in Los Angeles who recently soundproofed his own home studio.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Interstate Furniture Removals - A Little Overloaded in July!!!

A Little Overloaded

Due to the success of our recent marketing (and references from our incredible corporate customers), we are fully booked for all interstate removals from 30th June to 26th July, 2008.

While all current clients have been notified, we would like to assure you that all excess requirements can be outsourced to our close associates.

So if you need assistance don’t hesitate to let us know.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Magic Movers "Moving Quote"

We are capable of greater things than we realize

"Anybody can do just about anything with himself that he really wants to and makes up his mind to do. We are capable of greater things than we realize."

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Dealing with Stemware When Moving House

Dealing with Stemware When Moving House

When moving house, certain items require special care to survive the trip. Stemware is expensive, delicate and very fragile.

When you’ve decided to move from one home to another, you’ve got many things to think about. You need to wonder if you’re going to be happy in your new home, whether it’s a house or apartment. Also important to think about is whether you’re going to like your new neighbourhood, or if you are going to miss where you lived before.

Among all of these thoughts, you also have to decide how you’re going to move all of your household goods from one place to another. Should you hire professional movers to do the job, or are you going to rent a van and do it on your own?

Another item that’s important in your quest to move from one home to another is how you pack your items for shipping or moving. Your household things are important - you don’t want to get to your new house and find out that your favourite china was broken, or that an important piece of your electronic equipment has been dented or scratched. Just as necessary as doing research into how you’re going to move your items from one place to another is deciding how you’re going to get them there safely.

Luckily, many moving companies and moving van/truck rental companies offer items that can make your job of packing a lot easier. One of these items is specialized boxes. For instance, obtaining special moving boxes for stemware can make it so that you don’t have to worry that your goblets, flutes and other stemware are going to make it to your new home in one piece. These special boxes are designed so that you can place your glasses into them with a minimum of padding and wrapping, and they’ll stay cushioned and away from each other in transit.

If your moving company doesn’t offer specialized shipping options, it’s entirely possible that you can order these boxes online. Several different large packing material companies make specialized boxes, and different Internet retailers offer these for sale. Be sure to order your boxes well in advance, so that you have them available when you start packing.

Avoiding breakage when you’re moving is an important part of your moving experience. If you can get all of your items to your new home in one piece, it will make the transition between your old house and your new home much easier.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Magic Movers "Moving Quote"

The only mistake I ever made was not listening to my gut

"The only mistake I ever made was not listening to my gut."

Lee Iacocca

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Remove Rubbish Before Your Furniture Removal




Want to make your furniture removal cheaper and easier?... then remove absolutely everything you are not taking with you. Some of it will go to the tip . . . some of it to the recycle . . . some to the Op shop or to a charity. These friendly guys will do it all in one!!Magic Movers highly recommends 1800GotJunk. They are swift, professional, environmentally friendly and they do what we don’t do . . remove junk!!

What Do 1800GotJunk Do? They remove the things you don’t need. That means they take away almost anything - from old furniture, appliances and electronics to yard waste and renovation debris.

You just point to what you want removed. They will then review their price list with you and give you a clear estimate on your job.

They do all the loading and cleanup, wherever the items are located. Also, they make every effort to recycle or donate the items they take away. And they are nice guys too!!Give them a call or check out their website at

Friday, 6 June 2008

Tips For Moving House With Your Dogs (from Mudgee)

Tips For Moving House With Your Dogs

Moving house is a stressful time for both humans and their canine friends. But there are things you can do to make life easier for them.

  • You should first check out the new property for any potential problems, ahead of time. Are there any holes in the fence? Is the fence too low, so that your dog is likely to escape into an unfamiliar neighborhood? You don’t want to arrive, with all your furniture and belongings packed up, only to have the added stress of finding your wandering dog.
  • Find out whether the area you are moving to has problems with heartworm or paralysis ticks. This is particularly important if you are moving overseas or interstate.
  • To be prepared for all possible contingencies, find out where the closest after-hours animal emergency center is. That way, if there’s a serious problem, you’ll be able to address it quickly, without searching the neighborhood. You could also see if your old vet has any recommendations for vets in the area. And its a good idea to get a copy of your dog’s veterinary history before you go, particularly if he has ongoing problems.
  • Will you be traveling by car? Has your dog traveled in the car before? Dogs can get carsick too. Don’t feed your dog for 4 or so hours before you need to leave. If your dog salivates a lot in the car, be sure to take plenty of towels along. If he salivates a lot, you may want to consider crating him for the journey. If you have a grid that you can put in the bottom of the crate, he will remain dry.
  • If your dog has never been in the car before, try taking him for short trips before you need to move. Some dogs can get nervous in cars, and this way, he’ll have a chance to get used to the experience. Try avoiding trips in heavy traffic, however. The frequent stops and starts in traffic can make dogs feel nauseous.
  • Don’t let your dog put his head out the window! It can damage his eyes, and some dogs will jump out - even when the car is moving.
  • If you’re moving quite far away from your old home, you might want to take along some water, enough to last him a few days. Some dogs can get sick when getting used to new water, due to the different ’bugs’ that can be in water. Whilst he will get used to the new water, it can be less stressful on him physically and emotionally if he is feeling well.
  • In case your dog does escape after the move, it helps to have a recent photograph of him that isn’t packed away.
  • If you are traveling by car, make sure you stop regularly, so that he has a chance to have a drink, and go to the toilet. You don’t want him getting dehydrated.

If you’re thinking of building a dog house in your new home, check out this article on dog house blue prints

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Planning for a House Move

Planning for a House Move

If you have just bought or are considering buying a new home, then you will also need to plan the process of moving home. While there are many things that you have to remember, planning them in advance will make the whole move easier and less traumatic. So it is a good idea that, as soon as you know the completion date for your move, that you start planning.

There are certain things that take quite a bit of time and should be arranged at least a month in advance. You will want to inform your landlord or any flatmates, if you have any, of the date that you are leaving. This can mean the difference between getting your deposit back or not, if you are renting, so it’s a good idea to let everyone know your plans as soon as you know them yourself.

You should probably also inform the gas and electricity companies of your new property that you are the new owner. By doing this, it can avoid mix-ups later on. This would also include calling your telephone company and arranging to have your phone number transferred.

You can start packing up your things or getting boxes together. There are some things like books and photos that can be packed in advance and will save you hassle later on when the move gets closer. You may want to book some time of work, especially if you don’t think you’re going to be able to arrange the move in a weekend. Another good idea is to have a clearout and get rid of some old things that have been gathering dust. In fact, moving is the perfect chance to get rid of some of the belongings that accumulate over the years.

As the move gets closer you should book the removal company and arrange for transit insurance if you decide you need it. You can tell the post office to redirect your mail and you can also notify the local authority of the change in address for council tax purposes.

You should make sure that all your utility bills are paid up by the date of the move. You don’t want the new owners to be hounding you for unpaid bills once you’ve moved and now is the time to make sure they are accurate. If you have services like milk deliveries, newspaper deliveries and the like you should have these cancelled.

Before you leave, make sure all doors and windows are locked and appliances and utilities are turned off.

Joseph Kenny writes for the loan comparison sites Select Loans and also

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Moving Rental Tips To Make Your Furniture Removal Easier

Make Your Furniture Removal Easier

Moving out is not an easy thing to do and hiring the right moving rental truck or company can help ease the stress. Transferring from one house to another can surely be a stressful event. It is difficult because moving to a different place means adjusting to a different condition. Close friends and relatives are miles away. The neighbourhood is not familiar. The new place also needs a lot of setting up.

The best thing to do in situations like this is to make it easier by making the right decisions on the details of moving out. One aspect you must necessarily focus on is determining what things you should be bringing with you. There will surely be a lot of things in your old house that will be brought in to your new place.

For one, it is relatively cheaper to move in with your old furniture and appliances rather than purchase brand new ones. There are items in the household that are considered irreplaceable, like items that have sentimental value. This includes photographs, plaques, trophies and even documents and certificates.

Thus, it is really prudent and practical to bring along these important elements as you move out of your old house. The next thing to do is to find the right deal in moving out these things.

Renting a moving vehicle or a portable on demand moving crate can be your best and easiest option to make sure your stuff gets moved to the new place the way you want them to.

If you choose to rent a moving vehicle, you can rent it the day of the move or the day before. If you are able to rent it the day before, then you will have that whole day and evening to fill it up and then the next day to unload it at the new house. This way you can take your time and make sure your stuff gets moved carefully and not tossed around because you are in a hurry.

If you really want a lot of time to make sure you can arrange your furniture and household goods in your moving vehicle, then you might consider an on demand storage unit. These units get delivered to your driveway and you have as long as you need to fill it up. Then, when it is full, you call the company and they will come and pick the container up and deliver it to storage or to your new home.

No matter which moving rental option you choose, you will make things a lot easier on yourself if you weed out all the "stuff" that you haven’t used in a long time and donate it or throw it out. Start packing the items you want to keep but don’t use everyday away well before the moving day. This way you can do it gradually and it won’t be an overwhelming task.

Lee Dobbins writes for Moving and More where you can find more tips on moving, buying a house, selling a house and getting financing for your dream house.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Magic Movers "Moving Quote"

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living

"Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first."

Friday, 30 May 2008

Furniture Movers

Furniture Movers

(We just like their style in Omaha Nebraska!!)

Relocating a home or office requires a lot of furniture to be moved. Moving some furniture to the new location is often cheaper than buying new furniture. Besides, people will want to move personal effects, antiques and other items that are irreplaceable.

Furniture movers move furniture in a professional way. Hiring them makes moving easy and saves precious furniture from damage. Having had the experience of moving jobs they are well aware of packing, loading and unpacking procedures. Depending on the distance and items to be transported they also suggest the best means of transport. Sometimes most carriers have extra space. If furniture is listed on an online market place then many carriers actually post attractive bids.

These movers are more than mere transporters. They help in the entire relocation process. The furniture is properly packed and insured, irrespective of whether the move is local or long distance. Professionals carry out the entire job. Some aspects of the furniture moving process are difficult. Moving antiques and pianos require specialists for the job. During the move they keep track of the shipment.

Packing is a crucial point for a successful move. One must be aware that accidents can happen. Special packing material is used for delicate items, to minimize damage in case of an accident. Specially made crates are used extremely delicate items.

Moving furniture through small doors also requires the services of an expert. Hand trucks and trolleys are useful for moving the furniture. Movers place special movers or wheels under some heavy furniture pieces. It becomes easier to move and load them then.

The ways and means employed by professional movers are time tested and safe. Furniture moving is best left to them to handle.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Ten Moving Tips

10 moving tips

These moving tips may include a few things you hadn’t thought of, or things you just need to be reminded of. Forget that safe deposit box, for example, and you may have to drive a long way to get at it. Ten more moving tips follow.

1. Get rid of things. Consider carefully what you need to keep. People spend hundreds of dollars to move things that will undoubtedly be thrown away some day. It’s not just a matter of the expense, but the hassle too. Moving time is the best time to get rid of the things you really don’t need.

2. Have a yard sale. It’s a good way to get rid of those things, and you might even raise enough money to pay for the move.

3. Use lists. You will forget things, especially if you don’t have a list or two. Start with a list of things to do before the move. It may include getting school documents transferred, filling out change of address forms, returning borrowed books and movies, transferring prescriptions, getting maps, and arranging utility shut offs and start ups.

4. Make the the moving company reservation a month ahead. You wouldn’t want to find out they are booked up on the date you need them.

5. Pack early. It’s hard to say how long it will take until you are doing it. Start early to avoid running around looking for boxes at the last moment.

6. Have an "essentials" box. This will have things to make your arrival easier, like toilet paper, paper plates, soap and such. Pack the box where it is easily accessible.

7. Check weather reports. It’s no fun arriving in a snowstorm with your coat packed away somewhere. Allow for extra moving time if the weather is going to slow down traffic.

8. Notify family and friends of your new address and phone number(s). Do this before you have the phone shut off.

9. Save your receipts. Save receipts for moving expenses, like gas, hotel rooms, and anything else related to the move. Then ask your accountant or tax preparer if you are eligible for a tax deduction for moving expenses.

10. Try to re-establish your routines quickly. It helps to quickly re-establish routines in your new home, so if Friday night is movie night, don’t break with tradition. Moving is less traumatic if you have some consistency in daily life. If you are moving with children, this may be one of the more important moving tips.

Steve Gillman has invested in real estate for years. To learn more, get a free real estate investing course, and see a photo of a beautiful house he and his wife bought for $17,500, visit

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Packing for the Big Move

Packing for the Big Move

When you are moving and have to hire movers, it’s cheaper to fill the entire truck, right? Wrong. The cost per 100 lbs. decreases, yes, but you have more of these 100 lbs. to multiply. Even if you hire a truck and move it yourself, filling up the truck with useless items will cost more petrol money too!Storage for non-essential items for moving later can end up costing more than the items are worth.

Moving can end up being very costly. Here are some tips and practical considerations for your move.

Organization: Set aside an area in the garage where every family member can put things they no longer want. Have another pile for items that are "maybe keepers". It’s hard to cull our possessions. Have the family as a whole help decide on what to keep in the "maybe" pile. Sell the rest at a garage sale and call the Salvation Army or local charity and donate the rest. Either they’ll send in a truck, or worst case, you’ll have to take it to them, but you might qualify for a tax right off.

Appliances: Sometimes taking your fridge, washer and dryer with you can cost you more than they are worth. These items are large and heavy and could add $100 to $200 to your move per appliance. If you are selling your house, you might be able to work the new owners a sweet deal, otherwise place an ad in the paper and get rid of them. Get new or used ones at your new location and you’ll be money ahead.

Tools: Cull your tool collection and if you are driving or renting a uhaul, take them in the car or truck with you. Tools are heavy. Besides, they’ll come in handy at the new location and you won’t have to wait for the movers to unpack everything to find them. And if you are taking a uhaul, be sure to load them last so the tools will be the first to unload.

Furniture: Take what you need and want; just make sure it will all fit. No point in moving it to find out it won’t fit in the new place and you’ll just have to rent a storage unit or sell it. Try to do a layout of your new house and place in the furniture. Do the math to see if it will all fit. You’ll be glad you did.

Piano: Be prepared to pay for special handling when moving a piano or organ. You do not want to put a piano in storage. Sell it or take it.

Pool Table: Do you still use it? You know the slate will have to be removed and the table will have to be leveled at your new location. Be sure you crate (with wood) the slate for travel. Prepare for additional moving expense.

Valuables: Do not ship your valuables. If you must, you could ship them to yourself, but use adequate insurance and don’t ship anything that can’t be replaced.

Storage Shed: If you have one, you’ll probably decide to leave most of these storage items or get rid of them. There’s no point in moving them from storage at one house to storage at the other. It’ll just take up more room in the uhaul.

Items not to move:

Flammables - including any kind of aerosol can. Items like deodorant, hairspray, spray paint, etc.

Firewood or lumber

Food (eat it all, don’t ship it)

Clothing - update your wardrobe and cull out for the garage sale

Magazines - If you must, cut out recipes or tear out articles you haven’t had time to read, but don’t take the whole magazine.

Storage is an option but eventually you’ll still have to move everything. I hope this article helps you get realistic with the items you need for moving.

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